Roots & Shoots South Africa

We are new members of the Roots and Shoots program of the Jane Goodall Institute in South Africa. Forres Preparatory School has started its own Roots and Shoots Club. This is being run by the children, in keeping with the excitement which Forres children already experience in learning to be good stewards of this earth. Forres Prep, overlooking Rondebosch Common, fosters a keen sense of the role we all play in supporting our Diversity and our Natural World.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Autumn Term

A full year has gone by and we are busy cleaning up our garden - clearing and preparing for the coming winter. Our gardeners have been hard at work all summer developing a compost heap. As the veggies from the tyre gardens were harvested, the gardeners began planting in herbs for a more layered, sensory feel. The tyres have been re-filled to create good rich soil. The little fish pond which we fitted into the garden is still a quiet place to visit and our tiny fish are happy. The saddest part of this summer is that our efforts to grow watermelons were hampered by silliness - the few baby watermelons which started showing such promise were picked and destroyed. However our Roots and Shoots gardeners are quiet and determined and keep up a positive attitude. The foundation phase have plans this month to plant in bulbs, succulents and beans in their Sundial patch.


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