Roots & Shoots South Africa

We are new members of the Roots and Shoots program of the Jane Goodall Institute in South Africa. Forres Preparatory School has started its own Roots and Shoots Club. This is being run by the children, in keeping with the excitement which Forres children already experience in learning to be good stewards of this earth. Forres Prep, overlooking Rondebosch Common, fosters a keen sense of the role we all play in supporting our Diversity and our Natural World.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

roots and shoots was so cool today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today roots and shoots was realy fun I finally got to pick my radishes =)
but the realy sad part is that today was the last day for roots and shoots =(

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  1. Dear Roots & Shooters...

    Welcome back to school and a new year of Roots & Shoots. How are your gardens coming along? Looking forward to seeing you all again in February.



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